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A lot of companies go to great lengths to hide the forgiveness features of super-game-improvement irons in as sleek a package as possible. The Sim2 Max OS is a good example. Housed in an appealing cavity-back clubhead, this iron borrows liberally from its SIM2 Max counterpart, including a through-slot speed pocket to maximize face flex, especially on shots hit low on the face. The company’s venerable inverted-cone technology, which places a variable-thickness structure behind the face, is positioned differently in each iron to line up with where impacts frequently occur to expand forgiveness with added ball speed: more toward the toe in the long irons to reduce the likelihood of a slice and more toward the heel on short irons to reduce the tendency to pull those shots. Upping the distance game is the use of stronger lofts, up to 2 degrees stronger than the SIM2 Max. Because players in this category are reluctant to play wedges with less forgiveness (or if they do, they probably shouldn’t), TaylorMade extended the lineup of irons here to include a gap, sand and lob wedge for those wanting a consistency of look and playability throughout. Read more >>

Price: $112/per iron
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Player Comments
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    Delivers consistent shots and lets me work the ball, even if I haven’t mastered that skill yet.

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    An attractive approach that delivers confidence. The irons produce a mid-high flight that delivers lots of long shots.

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    Long and straight. Able to hit with incredible ease. Great to look at, too.

Club Specs


7-iron: 26.5 degrees; PW: 42 degrees

Club Specs

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