3 Reasons Why You Need a New Putter

We all have putters we’re fond of. But if you’re not making those five-footers it’s time you ditch that thing, here's why.

Mallet Putters

Putters are where freedom in golf-club design truly lives. What else can explain a category in which a shape that looks like a discarded metal detector works as well and feels as good as one that looks like a museum-quality piece of jewelry? We cannot in good conscience claim that there is any such thing as one perfect putt-er. In their current form and function, mallets and blades seem more like two sides of the same bitcoin, exploding exponentially in value with every purely struck roll. Each offers a unique take on golf’s ultimate confidence game. The modern mallet, with its unshakable stability on off-center hits and its nearly self-correcting aim, seems to solve every balky stroke’s worst nightmares. Meanwhile, the lure of today’s blades goes beyond their naturally clean lines—new materials and face designs bring on a roll as true and forgiving, too. Even better is how these new and classic designs, with the high-tech methods in today’s putter fittings, make our strokes smoother than the greens we are putting on. Because when we have the right putter in our hands, nothing seems wrong.