Cobra King F8/One Length
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Cobra King F8/One Length Review

Cobra King F8/One Length
Cobra King F8/One Length
Cobra King F8/One Length
Cobra King F8/One Length
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The Verdict: Long, middle and short irons do different things, so why design them similarly? Cobra doesn't. The 4- through 7-irons are hollow construction with a thin face insert that wraps into the sole to help shots hit low. A shorter hosel on the long irons lowers the center of gravity to launch the ball higher. The short irons (8-iron through pitching wedge) have carbon fiber in the cavity to elevate feel. A one-length version is available, and both sets have sensors in the grips that work with the Arccos app to provide shot data.
Loft: 7-iron: 29.5 degrees; PW: 44 degrees
Street Price: Set of seven: $800
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Player Comments
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    The compact size of the head lets you play the kind of shot you want.
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    It's like playing a round at elevation. Big hang time. Shockingly good distance.