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Callaway Rogue X Review

Callaway Rogue X
Callaway Rogue X
Callaway Rogue X
Callaway Rogue X
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The Verdict: Players seeking pure distance might be drawn to this iron. It uses the same core technologies as the Rogue (cupface, urethane injections with air pockets and variable-face thickness), but there are differences. Among them is a lighter overall weight despite being longer and having stronger lofts (a 42-degree pitching wedge borders on loft indecency). Still, a wide sole and tungsten weighting keep the weight low and back to get the ball in the air and make sure you're not screaming "Full flaps!" as your shots come into the green.
Loft: 7-iron: 27 degrees; PW: 41 degrees
Street Price: Set of eight: $900
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Player Comments
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    The sole feels as if it floats through the turf.
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    You can attack the ball with this iron. The built-in forgiveness lets you get away with a lot and frees all the negative thoughts.