Fortinet Championship

Silverado Resort and Spa North



Srixon Z H65

Our Review:

Hybrid technology is doing nothing if it's not helping you launch the ball higher. The unique solution here isn't just the lower weight on the sole, but a channel in the crown that gets progressively deeper as lofts increase. It helps on- and off-center hits launch higher with minimal spin. Furthermore, a spring-like high-strength steel face insert on these compact hybrids helps shots fly high.
0317-Hybrids- Beauty-Srixon.ZH65-tout.png
Specs: 16, 19, 22
Price: $230
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0317-Hybrids- Beauty-Srixon.ZH65-tout.png
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Player Comments
  • low
    It feels soft, but there's still a lot of mass behind the face.
  • mid
    Glides through the ground. The sole design is simple but effective.
  • mid
    Consistent flight with nice honey sweet feel. Height little higher than normal, which might cost a little bit of distance, but it was so consistent that I could easily put it in the bag right now.
  • high
    The step down on top makes it look smaller, but it doesn't play that way. Easy club to hit high and soft.