Ping G

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Those turbulators on the crown do frame the ball nicely, but it's the unseen internal geometry that does the real work here. Inside the sole, weight pads cascade from back to front. This helps position weight farther back for more forgiveness and gets the sole more involved in the way the face gives at impact. That means more flexing for more distance.
Specs: 17, 19, 22, 26, 30
Price: $230
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Player Comments
  • high
    Hybrids are supposed to be your bailout club, and I feel like this one would bail me out every time.
  • mid
    Excellent launch. Very light feel led to a sense of a lot of clubhead speed.
  • mid
    It's like Shrek's head on a shaft but might be the easiest hybrid to hit. Launch is consistent and a high flight. But the main thing is that it is super easy.
  • high
    Those shark fins just scream like you're gonna crush it. Easy to get the ball in the air and hit it the way you want it.