Callaway Big Bertha V Series

Our Review:

Specs: 9, 10.5, 13.5 HT
Price: $400
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Callaway Big Bertha V Series
  • 4.5 1


  • 4 1


  • 4.5 1
    Look / Sound / Feel


  • 3 1


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Player Comments
  • low
    Well-struck shots fly slightly higher than I'd like, but it's still a penetrating ball flight. I like the trajectory on thin shots.
  • mid
    Strong but silent. You could bomb it past your friends, and they'd have no idea.
  • mid
    The ball flight is what I look for: boring and penetrating. It's a tour sizzle that rises to tree height and lands with aggression. You can draw it and you can fade it. I hit a consistent baby draw. If you catch it a groove low, this is shockingly forgiving. Instills a lot of confidence at setup.
  • high
    It walks that line between aggressive and just the right sound and pitch.