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Basics: Get A Handle On Your Short Game

We'll show you how to pre-set the grip position at address for four greenside scenarios. Your job is to copy these positions at im …

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4 Ways To Get On From 150 Yards

Not all shots from 150 yards are alike. Here's how to adjust.

Golf Instruction

How To Hit The Super-Soft Flop Shot

3 steps to getting the ball up and down when nobody thinks you can.

Health & Fitness

Reboot Your Swing At The Turn

A mid-round tuneup will help you finish strong.

Sidehill saves: Adjust your aim, and stabilize your stance

Adjust your aim, and stabilize your stance

One Simple Change To Hole More Putts

Set your right hand first for better alignment

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Jack's Putting Basics

The unique Nicklaus stroke was arguably the best we've ever seen. Here's how to make it work for you

3 Steps To A Better Short Game

Pick the shot, pick the club, pick the swing

Breaking 80

Pop it out of deep rough; hit your putts like you're hammering a nail

Breaking 90

Pitch with an open face; Left-arm-only drill helps keep you from scooping