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A Bunker Swing You Can Rely On

Madelene Sagstrom of Sweden broke through for her first LPGA Tour victory after one of the most talented Symetra Tour careers.

How He Hit That

You, too, can hit Gary Woodand's tight-lie green chip

The key is low-point control.

How To Chip With Confidence

The LPGA's top rookie Jin Young Ko shows you two basic chips that will cover the majority of lies you face around the greens.

Bottom and Bounce

Remember Two Words For Better Chip Shots

If you're looking to become more consistent around the greens, focus on: bottom and bounce. Read on to see how those two words wil …

Get To Your Front Foot

You'll Pitch Better If You Don't Hang Back

Getting your weight forward is going to help make your pitching game much more reliable.


Justin Rose: How To Hit Every Chip

Take a right-brained approach to your shots around the greens and build a world-class short game with Justin Rose's keys.

Easy Outs

Add More Control To Your Bunker Play

The key is committing to making an aggressive downswing. Don't be afraid that the clubhead speed you're creating is going to shoot …

Pitching with Touch

Simplify The Short Game

Next time you go to the range, hit some short wedge shots, and hold your finish after each swing. If your clubface is closing on s …

How He Hit That

Copy what Ryder Cup players do to take fear out of short game shots

Throw the head to start using the bounce

Bunker Basics

How to hit a high & soft bunker shot like LPGA Tour winner Jenny Shin

To hit a high and soft bunker shot, you need to hit the sand first -- but the key is to not take too much sand.

Gimme One Thing

Your New Plan For Escaping High-lipped Bunkers

A long-and-slow swing will help produce a higher, softer shot that gets the ball over the lip and lets it release toward the hole.

How He Hit That

How to handle sketchy short-game situations on and around the green

When you're dealing with tricky short-game shots, risk management and good technique are the keys to success.

Sand Savior

Ariya Jutanugarn's Bunker Technique Helped Win The U.S. Women's Open

The bunker technique that helped Ariya Jutanugarn win the 2018 U.S. Women's Open.

Tee to Green by Butch Harmon

How To Stay Aggressive From Short Distances

The key for short wedges is to get into a good setup and make a backswing that allows you to accelerate through the ball.

The Leading Edge

How To Make Chipping Easy

For your chipping clubs, you need to know how much of the shot is in the air and how much is on the ground. Then you can pick the …

Stop Missing Greens

Make a few adjustments to your iron game, and you'll go flag hunting. Let's get started.

How He Hit That

U.S. Open 2018: Shinnecock is going to force some short game creativity—and you can learn from it

Incorporate a modern version of the fringe putt into your greenside arsenal

Cover story: Own Your Short Game

4 Steps To Developing Consistency And Touch Around The Greens

The skills you need to develop consistency and touch from Michael Breed, Golf Digest's Chief Digital Instructor.

Can't Chip? Look Here

Butch Harmon's Simple Setup Tips Will Eliminate Chunks Or Skulls

Forget the swing. It's all about the setup. Read on to see Butch Harmon's setup keys that'll keep you from chunking or skulling it …

Escaping from the Short Side

Lob Shots Made Easy

Lob shots look hard, but they're really easy to execute

Improve Your Feel

A Hands-on Approach to Pitching

When pitching, a lot of people say your hands should be passive. But if that's true, why do they call it touch?

Tour Technique

Escape Any Bunker: How To Get Over A High Lip

When you're staring at a bunker with a big lip, don't be shy: Take plenty of sand to get over a high lip.

Start Fast This Spring

Michael Breed: Try My Secret Move To Flush It From Any Lie

Michael Breed, Golf Digest's Chief Digital Instructor, demonstrates the one move to hit it solid—and beat those muddy lies.

No More Chunks and Skulls

An Easy Chipping Fix

Chipping can be difficult, but here's an easy fix: Changing the way you hold the club can work wonders.

Golf Instruction

Phil Mickelson: How To Hit 2 Basic Pitches and Chips

Phil Mickelson, the ultimate master of chipping and pitching, has 4 shots that'll improve your short game.

Does Tiger Still Have The Yips?

Are the issues Tiger had with chipping two years ago still lingering? Have they gotten better or worse? We asked Golf Digest Teach …

Have a blast

Make Bunker Shots Fun Again

You can make bunker play fun again if you follow the technique of a player that Golf Digest Best Young Teacher Matt Killen coaches …

Pure Your Iron Shots

Butch Harmon: Hit Crisp Irons Like A Pro

If you want to hit your irons well, Butch Harmon says there are 3 musts at impact: forward, down and through.

Golf Digest Schools

For Bunker Consistency, Focus On Your Splash

A simple tip to help ingrain the feel out of the sand.

Gimme One Thing: How Do I Get Out of Wet Sand?

Firm bunkers require a special technique