Putting: Ready To Roll

Making Putts Is More About Setup Than Stroke

You don't have to be strong or fit or flexible. But you do need to get into a good setup. Here are the steps Mike Shannon teaches.


What You Need To Know About The Anchoring Ban

Check out these examples of what you can and can't do under the new rule.

Cover Story: Play Your Best

Sergio Garcia: Get Hot On The Greens

Why Sergio Garcia is rolling in more putts than ever.


13 Golf Lessons We Learned In 2013

Thirteen lessons from the game's highest level in 2013 that can help your game.

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Make All Your 4-Footers

Take the guessing out of it.

Chip It Close... And Make The Putt

Try my two drills for making more up-and-downs.

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My Pre-Round Routines

LPGA players discuss the different ways they get ready to tee off

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The 6 Most Intimidating Shots, And How To Play Them

Don't let these situations intimidate you. We'll help take away any fears you may have had.

Breaking 100/90/80

Putt My Way

These tips, adapted from Jack Nicklaus' book Putt My Way, will improve your putting consistency.

Putt Faster and Make More

Your best putting days come when you're fearless. My advice: don't hesitate. Here's how I keep my routine to 15 seconds.

The Pre-Putt Routine

Try My 4 Steps To Better Putting

Dave Stockton, who works with Phil Mickelson and Yani Tseng, offers these four steps to better putting.

Seve Ballesteros

Seve's Greatest Tips

From driving to putting, lessons by the game's most dramatic shotmaker.


What We Learned In 2012

Fifteen lessons from the game's highest level in 2012 that can help your game.

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Nick's Tricks

Nick Watney is a five-time winner on the PGA Tour. Here are his tips to get up and down from anywhere.

Cover story: Golf Instruction

When All Else Fails...

When all else fails, try these 9 tips every golfer needs--instant advice for slices, chunks, shanks and more.

Steal My Feel

Top 10 Feel Tips

PGA Tour professionals offer up their top feel tips.


What We Learned In 2011

Ten lessons from the game's highest level in 2011 that can help your game.

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Putting Styles That Got It Done

Reviewing the various putting methods that were effective in 2011.

Cover Story: Golf Instruction

Do's & Don'ts of the Short Game

Luke Donald became No. 1 in the World Golf Ranking in May. He has four wins on the PGA Tour and through July was top 10 in 16 shor …

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The Downhill Slider

Butch Harmon's 3 keys for dealing with downhill putts.

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No More 3 Putts

Golf Digest Best Young Teacher Jeff Ritter on how to lag it close, make the next one -- and do it under pressure.

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Top 10 Lessons For Your Game

The instruction advice online readers have been drawn to most.


What We Learned In 2010

Golf Digest's Senior Editor Peter Morrice lists the top 10 lessons of 2010

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How to be a clutch putter

3 drills to pressure-proof your stroke

Game improvement

How To Play Under Pressure

Given the level of competition and the sheer difficulty of the golf course, the U.S. Open that will be played at Pebble Beach migh …

Basics of the Belly Putter

Golf's hottest player uses it--you can, too

Putting tips

Grip It Like the Pros

Looking to improve your putting this year? Try one of these proven styles

Grip It Like the Pros

Looking to improve your putting this year? Try one of these proven styles


Case Study 1: Michael Lloyd

Case study 1: Michael Lloyd

Breaking 100

Here's what you should focus on for hitting your irons better