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How to Swing a Golf Club

Learn how to swing a golf club by taking a frame-by-frame look at the basic golf swing & the basic positions you need to know

Instruction | My Do's & Don'ts

Jason Day: Hit It Longer, Get It Closer

Tips to help you play better tee to green.

Golf Instruction: Driving

Sergio Garcia: My Keys To Distance And Accuracy

Driving Lessons: Simple tips for boosting power and control from PGA Tour Player Sergio Garcia.

Demolition Man

Jeff Flagg: How To Tear The Cover Off The Ball

World long-drive champion Jeff Flagg shares secrets to hitting the longest drives of your life.

How To Send It Down The Fairway

Six keys from one of the PGA Tour's best drivers.

Golf Instruction

10 Steps To Winning A Long-Drive Contest

Instruction: Tips for increasing your distance off the tee

Golf Instruction

First Look: The A Swing Start To Finish

Here are two views of David Leadbetter's student Ryan Blaum demonstrating the A Swing. Ryan plays on the Tour and has adop …

The Big Swing: Driving Course

6 fundamentals for hitting pose-worthy tee shots.

Lofty Goals

Jonas Blixt is working on the things you seek, too.

Golf Instruction

The Big Swing: Billy Horschel

Billy Horschel hits it 290 and ranks top 10 in fairways. Here's what to copy.

Golf Instruction

3 Faults To Fix + 3 To Leave Alone

Be smart about what you're working on. I'll show you how to fix the swing faults you can't play with and how to hide the ones you …

Golf Instruction

9 Ways To Lower Your Handicap This Year

Want to get better at golf this year? Get serious and follow these nine rules.

Golf Instruction

Jordan Spieth: Tee-to-green

Find out what Jordan Spieth learned last year that helped him become a better all-around player.

Golf Instruction: Cover Story

Rory McIlroy: Play Great This Year

Rory McIlroy shares his strategy for getting his driving and short approaches clicking at the same time.

Golf Instruction

Fast Fixes Tee To Green

Get off to a really great start this spring with advice from two-time world long-drive champion Jamie Sadlowski and four of Golf D …

Golf Instruction: Driving

Phil Mickelson: Driving Directions

What you can learn from Phil's quest to be a great driver.

The Basics

The 10 Most Wanted Shots In Golf

Have you been good? Here are the 10 shots you want this year.

Golf Instruction

9 Swing Basics In GIF Format

Learn the basics of the golf swing in these photo animations.

Golf Instruction

How To Swing Like Me

Try Fred Couples' 3 keys for an effortless swing.

Golf instruction

How I Fixed My Swing At The Gym

If you play a lot of golf, a bad swing habit will exact a physical toll no matter your age or fitness level. Here's how I fixed my …

Breaking 100/90/80

Pick Your Path To Maximum Power

Todd Anderson, the 2010 PGA Teacher of the Year, shows how to improve your driving power, whatever your handicap level.

Make Me Better

Fix Your Driving On The Course

Here are three common mis-hits and how to fix them.

Cover Story: Golf Instruction

Power Up In 1-2-3

Sync your arms and body for more yards.


Jack Rethinks The Swing

Thirty-five years ago, Jack Nicklaus collaborated with Golf Digest to create a series of instruction pieces. In the Jan. issue, Ja …

Golf Instruction

Swing Your Age

Depending on your flexibility, here's how Jim McLean suggests you should play.


Name That Finish

You know that David Leadbetter can teach, but did you know that he also does great impressions?

Golf instruction

Take It Deep

Ryan Moore ranked seventh in total driving in 2010, hitting 68 percent of fairways. Follow his tips to max out your power and stil …

Golf instruction

Duf's Moves To Hit It Solid

At 35, Dufner has become one of the PGA Tour's elite players. Follow his easy concepts to get the consistency you've always wanted …

Cover story: Golf Instruction

More Distance, Better Accuracy

With an average driving distance of 313 yards, Alvaro Quiros is by far the longest hitter on the European Tour. September's Golf D …

Golf Instruction / Best Young Teachers

Get Your Power Back

Nicole Weller is a Golf Digest Best Young Teacher. Here are some of her simple tips for gaining distance.