Better Driving

Put Yourself In Position To Hit A Solid Tee Ball

Are you catching your tee ball low and off the toe? Try this drill from David Leadbetter to get in the right position.

Play Your Best: Strategy

Jack Nicklaus: How To Play A Second-Shot Course Like Augusta

Jack Nicklaus' strategy for playing Augusta National is second-to-none, amassing the best record at the Masters over the years

Golf Digest Schools

How this major champion went from short hitter to the 300-yard club

A new video series with Francesco Molinari explains his game transformation.

How He Hit That

Masters 2019: Never mind copying a tour player—you should swing like Augusta legend Jeff Knox

The Augusta member's simple, repeatable motion is worth studying.

Tour Technique

Simplify Your Tee Shots

Get your swing on plane and feel the proper motion.

Ben An on Textbook Driving

Tips From One Of The Tour's Best Ball-Strikers

Ben An's focus with the driver has been to improve sequencing and technique – and there's no doubt what he has worked on can help …

Cover story: Raining Birdies

Jon Rahm: Low Scores Start With Maxing Out Your Drives

Score off the tee: Here are some tips from PGA Tour player Jon Rahm to help simplify your swing and make it your most effective sc …

Four Ways to Find the Fairway

Kevin Kisner: Combat Any Wind Condition With These Tee Shots

Four tee shots you need to find the fairway, one for each type of wind condition. Pair the correct play with that wind, and you'll …

The Leading Edge

3 Ways To Pre-Set Pure Impact

The closer you get to impact, the less you can do—or undo—before you hit the ball. Swing down, stop here, and check three things.

Golf Made Simple

An Easy Accuracy Tip For Consistency

If you're struggling to hit accurate drives, the issue is a lack of clubface control. Stare down the ball: Not with your eyes, wit …

How He Hit That

Stop swinging harder and start swinging smarter

When you release the club is more important than hand speed

Flying Out of the Blocks

How Long-Driver Troy Mullins Rips Tee Shots

How former track athlete Troy Mullins rips her driver

Backswing Basics

Three Positions You Need To Maximize Your Distance

With the driver, golfers have such an instinct to smash the ball, they sometimes forget about getting in position so they can. Let …

Power Outage

New Data Shows We're Not Hitting It Farther

New data on average golfers, including more than 10 million drives gathered by Arccos, the GPS-based stat-tracking app, paints a s …

10 Yards in 10 Minutes

Give Your Tee Shots An Instant Boost

Give Your Tee Shots An Instant Boost: Golf Digest Best Young Teacher Shaun Webb demonstrates how you can add 10 yards in 10 minute …

Tee To Green

Finding Control Off The Tee

Finding Control Off The Tee: Distance without control isn't worth much. Pick your target, commit to it, and play your normal shot …

Lesson Tee

Hank Haney: Stop Losing Shots to the Left

If you're constantly hooking the golf ball, read this tip from Hank Haney. You can eliminate your hook with a simple grip change.


Jordan Spieth's Keys for Hitting the Fairway with Driver—Again and Again

Consistently putting driver in play is a weapon all it's own. Jordan Spieth is here to show you how to do it.


David Leadbetter says use your hips to eliminate popping up tee shots

If you struggle with popping up tee shots, David Leadbetter says the key is to use your hips. You need a new downswing.

How He Hit That

Quit steering your driver to get more speed

Use baseball swings to train more "recklessness" like Aaron Wise

Distance Tips

One Driver Swing Thought for Longer and Straighter Drives

Make this your one driver swing thought: *Trail arm long for as long as possible.* You'll hit longer, straighter drives.

Looks Easy, Plays Hard

Score On A Drivable Par 4

When you're looking at a drivable par 4, you can bet there's something else that makes up for the lack of distance—like a brutal g …

Hitting it Past the Little Guy

Hit It Farther With Less Effort

A simple adjustment to (finally) outdrive smaller playing partners

Winterize Your Game

Don't Let Your Driver Swing Get Stagnant

When it comes to your driver swing, you can still work on everything from grip to tempo in the off-season.

Tips From the Top: Bernd Wiesberger

Tips from pro Bernd Wiesberger illustrate that focusing on dynamic movement is important to hitting good drives.

How to Hit a Draw in 5 Minutes

With a few of adjustments, you can eliminate slices and learn how to hit a draw. Kevin Kisner is here to show you how.

Timeless Driver Keys: Basics On Setting Up For Power And Accuracy

A few basics you can't mess with: The trick is to play the ball up but keep the shoulders square.

How He Hit That

Embrace your curves like Bubba Watson

Get out of your pattern by exaggerating the opposite miss

Bad Advice = Bad Shots

Why "Keeping Your Head Down" Is Killing Your Swing

If you want to learn a skill that will keep you from topping it—and get you closer to hitting the same kinds of consistently good …

Butch Harmon: Best Tips For Driving

How to Hit Driver

How to hit driver with these 8 tips. Butch Harmon's best driver tips will get you hitting it straight and long.