The Dreaded 'S' Word

How To Cure The Shanks

If you have the shanks, don't worry: There is a cure. David Leadbetter has an easy fix for the shanks.

Lesson Tee

The Key to Golf Ball Position is Keeping it Constant

When setting up, whether you're hitting a long iron or short, the low point of your swing will stay the same if your ball position …

How He Hit That

U.S. Open 2019: The key to Pebble Beach's tiny greens? Hit it high

Controlling trajectory will be the key this week

How He Hit That

Masters 2019: Ian Poulter proves you don't have to be built like a superhero to get more out of your iron game

Masters 2019: Ian Poulter proves you don't have to be built like a superhero to get more out of your iron game

Long and Strong

Tour Technique: Secrets To Pure Long Irons

Put some teeth back into your iron game: PGA Tour pro Marc Leishman takes you through his strategy and swing thoughts that will ha …

Gimme One Thing

How To Defuse A Blow-Up Hole

Many great players avoid blow-up holes by dealing with their negative experiences in a much healthier way.

Play Your Best | Tee to Green

How To Make The Ball Curve

Don't make hitting a draw or a fade complicated. Decades ago, Jack Nicklaus described a simple way to shape shots, and it's every …

Tour Technique

Four Shots To Groove With Your Fairway Wood

Your fairway woods are more versatile than you might think. Here are four ways to get more out of your fairway woods to help you s …

How He Hit That

Ryder Cup 2018: Find every fairway and green like Moliwood

Check your grip and spine angle for more precision

How He Hit That

Steal Bryson DeChambeau's secret to swing consistency

Get better swing plane where it matters, near the ball

Iron Clad

Brooks Koepka: My Advice To Make Your Second Shots Matter

U.S. Open Champion Brooks Koepka shares some of his tips on hitting better second-shot irons, a part of the game where a lot of go …

How He Hit That

You can curve it out of trouble like Justin Thomas

When you find yourself caught behind a tree, cheat your aim and curve toward the safest area around your target

Strategy For Doglegs

About to turn a corner? A common mental block is how best to play a dogleg hole with real trouble on either side of the fairway.

Adjust Your Backswing To Raise Your Trajectory

Maintaining the width from address to impact in your backswing is the easiest and most consistent way to hit the ball in the middl …

Gimme One Thing

Flush It From The Rough

When hitting out of the rough, don't turn a thick-grass lie into a one-shot penalty. These three keys will get you out of the toug …

How He Hit That

Improve your pivot to pure it like Tommy Fleetwood

A better turn through is the secret to clean iron strikes

How He Hit That

Control your iron trajectory like Brooks Koepka

A lower shot doesn't come from just a shorter finish

How He Hit That

Preview Your Impact Position at Address Like Bryson DeChambeau

Fewer moving parts means more consistency

How He Hit That

Build a Better Platform for your Irons Like Rory McIlroy

Flush more shots with improved stability

Get Your 3-Wood Airborne

Try This Swing Thought For Smooth Fairway Woods

Screaming one down the fairway is a result of trying too hard.

How He Hit That

Stabilize your clubface like Justin Thomas

Stabilize your clubface like Justin Thomas. He's not the biggest guy on tour, but here's how he's able to hit it long and solid.

Golf Digest Schools

Get The Most Out Of Your Hybrid

Golf Digest Best Young Teacher, Adam Kolloff, gives his best tips on how to hit a hybrid from the rough.

Keep It Down

Stop Ripping Your Knockdowns Into Branches

We've all been there: off the fairway, wanting to get the ball back in play. Problem is, there's a tree directly between you and y …

How He Hit That

Get control over your wedges like Jason Day

Use a mirror to check for stability to get your wedges under control like Jason Day

Cover Story

Rickie Fowler: ‘Get More Birdie Looks’

Learn to smash a wood and stiff a wedge, and the course is yours. The technical keys to these two shots couldn't be more different …

Tour Technique

The Drill You Need When Your Swing Falls Apart

With two wins and two second-place finishes -- and moving to No. 1 in the world in the Rolex ranking -- So Yeon Ryu is having the …

Groove Your Irons

Get To The Top Like A Tour Pro

GolfTEC's SwingTRU motion study measured 40,000 people and found that better players are closer to the target at the top of the ba …

Drill Your Iron Shots

Compress Your Irons Like A Pro

Drill your iron shots: It's all about the approach

Go-To Irons

Hit (And Hold) More Greens With This Technique

Jon Rahm's keys for firing at pins and holding the green.

How He Hit That

Get more speed like Xander Schauffele

Think of your right arm as throwing a ball