Instruction Truths
Instruction Truths

The most intriguing grips in pro golf

Lessons Anywhere
Lessons Anywhere

How instructors are catering to tour pros and an ever-increasing demand for virtual lessons

2019-'20 Ranking
2019-'20 Ranking

The 50 Best Teachers In America

Gimme One Thing

Fix Your Putting Stroke

The Worst Miss: Short and low: The problem is, you're slicing your putts—here's why


The New Rules of Playing Golf Safely

As golfers around the country return to the golf course, Golf Digest has constructed a list of do's and don'ts that allow you to e …

Digital Improvements

Finally, a Zoom meeting where something actually gets done—Golftec to offer free virtual lessons

Golftec virtual lessons will provide swing and equipment advice for free as "goodwill gesture in the midst of this crisis"

Fundamental Analysis

The most intriguing grips in pro golf

Golf instruction truths: We analyze some of the most interesting grips is modern golf and why they work so well

Better Driving

Put Yourself In Position To Hit A Solid Tee Ball

Are you catching your tee ball low and off the toe? Try this drill from David Leadbetter to get in the right position.

At-home Progress

Four at-home drills anybody can do to fix their game's biggest flaws

You can even improve your bunker technique from home, thanks to these quick-and-easy drills

Quarantine Metrics

How to measure progress when you've only been practicing at home

At-home golf tips: Yes, you can actually fix your slice while you're quarantined inside and unable to go to the range

Cover Story

Patrick Cantlay's keys to being a better ball-striker

Copy Patrick Cantlay's keys to better ball-striking, as he explains how he became one of the most consistent players in the world

Mental Game

Leading sports psychologists on the role golf can play in a crisis

We asked some of the game's leading mental coaches to share the advice they're giving to their clients, and much of it is applicab …

Better Than Yoga

Yoga is good for your game, but what if there were something specifically developed for golfers? Now there is: Jennifer Fleischer' …

Golf Lessons

How instructors are catering to tour pros and an ever-increasing demand for virtual lessons

Tour players are relying on virtual instruction and video more than ever before, which is testing the communication of player and …

Play Your Best: Strategy

Jack Nicklaus: How To Play A Second-Shot Course Like Augusta

Jack Nicklaus' strategy for playing Augusta National is second-to-none, amassing the best record at the Masters over the years

Golf Digest Schools

How this major champion went from short hitter to the 300-yard club

A new video series with Francesco Molinari explains his game transformation.

At-Home Guide

More great exercises to get you in golf shape in five weeks

When creating a workout program to improve your golf swing, focus on exercises that make your body more stable and flexible, then …

Work On Your Game

At-home golf tips: How to effectively practice your putting stroke indoors

At-home golf tips: Two of golf's best short-game teachers show you easy ways to practice your putting stroke indoors

Golf Digest Schools

A sneak peek at a Tiger Woods practice session

Our Undercover Lessons series now offers an inside look at a Tiger Woods practice session.

Tiger Talks

Here's how Tiger Woods keeps improving his elite short-game

Whenever Tiger Woods makes a swing change, he also makes sure to adopt it in his chipping technique.

Creative Competition

Five golf games you can play at home

Our suggestions for satisfying your competitive golf fix range from simple to slightly more elaborate.

Gimme One Thing

How to adjust your swing to clear the trees

Don't make a bunch of haphazard adjustments when you need to clear the trees. Here's a game plan to follow

The Leading Edge

Michael Breed's quick tip will help you make contact like a tour pro

"Fast arms, slow hands" might seem counter-intuitive to making better contact, but it's key to hitting solid shots

Tour Technique

Jeongeun Lee6's unusual green-reading technique might help you, too

Green-reading is not a science, but it helps to use logic. Here's how one of the LPGA's best putters gets her reads

Tour Technique

A tour pro's short-game checklist: Control your wedges without relying on feel

Simple short-game tweaks to become more precise on pitch shots (without the hours and hours of practice)

Work in Progress

Swing Sequence: Inside Jordan Spieth's swing restoration

Breaking down Jordan Spieth's moves: A frame-by-frame analysis of how the three-time major winner is trying to restore his swing


Golf instruction truths: The secret move top golfers make at the top of the swing for more speed

Golf instruction truths: Try copying this tour-player move—which is so tough to recognize without slow motion—for increased power

Tee To Green

A quick setup checklist for every type of shot

Do you often struggle knowing how best to set up for every type of shot? Butch Harmon offers easy-to-remember answers