Instruction Truths
Instruction Truths

The most intriguing grips in pro golf

Lessons Anywhere
Lessons Anywhere

How instructors are catering to tour pros and an ever-increasing demand for virtual lessons

2019-'20 Ranking
2019-'20 Ranking

The 50 Best Teachers In America


QUIZ: Are you helping or hurting your golf partners' performance?

It's not just whether you're a fun partner. Take our quiz to determine whether golfers play better or worse when paired with you.

Make It Count

11 keys to enjoy—and win—your member-guest

Member-guest season is upon us: How do you ensure you properly enjoy that event you've been looking forward to for months?

Get Out & Play

A Beginner's Golf Guide: What every new golfer should know when picking up the game

There's never been a better time to take up golf. Here's some essential advice to help you get started

Get Out & Play

The best way to learn golf now

Whether you're taking up golf for the first time or just looking to figure out the best way to learn safely, there's an option for …

Gimme One Thing

Fix Your Putting Stroke

The Worst Miss: Short and low: The problem is, you're slicing your putts—here's why


The New Rules of Playing Golf Safely

As golfers around the country return to the golf course, Golf Digest has constructed a list of do's and don'ts that allow you to e …

Digital Improvements

Finally, a Zoom meeting where something actually gets done—Golftec to offer free virtual lessons

Golftec virtual lessons will provide swing and equipment advice for free as "goodwill gesture in the midst of this crisis"

Fundamental Analysis

The most intriguing grips in pro golf

Golf instruction truths: We analyze some of the most interesting grips is modern golf and why they work so well

Better Driving

Put Yourself In Position To Hit A Solid Tee Ball

Are you catching your tee ball low and off the toe? Try this drill from David Leadbetter to get in the right position.

At-home Progress

Four at-home drills anybody can do to fix their game's biggest flaws

You can even improve your bunker technique from home, thanks to these quick-and-easy drills

Quarantine Metrics

How to measure progress when you've only been practicing at home

At-home golf tips: Yes, you can actually fix your slice while you're quarantined inside and unable to go to the range

Cover Story

Patrick Cantlay's keys to being a better ball-striker

Copy Patrick Cantlay's keys to better ball-striking, as he explains how he became one of the most consistent players in the world

Mental Game

Leading sports psychologists on the role golf can play in a crisis

We asked some of the game's leading mental coaches to share the advice they're giving to their clients, and much of it is applicab …

Better Than Yoga

Yoga is good for your game, but what if there were something specifically developed for golfers? Now there is: Jennifer Fleischer' …