What's In My Bag: Scott Stallings


What's In My Bag: Scott Stallings

August 20, 2019

Photo By: Stan Badz

Scott Stallings

AGE: 34LIVES: Oak Ridge, Tenn.STORY: Won three times on the PGA Tour.

Photo By: Stan Badz

Reality Check

I once gave lessons to wounded veterans, and one was for a guy who appeared very healthy. Then he told me how he was driving a jeep and stopped because a woman walked in front of them. That woman blew herself up and killed everyone in the jeep except him. I vowed from then on to do anything I could to help veterans and give them an escape from that part of their lives.


SPECS: Titleist TS3, 10.5 ̊, 43.75 inches, UST Elements Platinum 6 S shaft, D-3 swingweightThis club is flat, stiff and shorter than a typical driver—all things that allow me to be super aggressive through the ball and know I’ll never struggle with the left miss. My arms are very long, which is the reason for the shorter shaft. It’s almost 3-wood length.

Fairway Wood/Hybrid

Specs: Titleist 917F2, 16.5 ̊, UST Elements Red shaft; Titleist 917F2, 21 ̊, UST Linq prototype shaft. Both D-3 swingweightMy 7-wood is far more versatile than a utility iron. I can hit it high or low, and the height on full shots into par 5s is so helpful, especially when you’re coming in from 240 to 260 yards. I’ve found a utility 2- or 3-iron doesn’t stop very well from that distance.


Specs: Titleist 716 AP2 (4-iron through pitching wedge), KBS Tour S-Taper shafts, Golf Pride MCC Plus4 gripsI recently switched to the new T-100s with a U-500 4-iron. Like my AP2s, they have a lot pre-wear on the leading edge. I come into the ball steep with a lot of shaft lean. That makes it difficult to get the club in and out of the turf. The pre-wear leading edge helps.


Specs: Titleist Vokey SM7 (50 ̊, 54 ̊); Titleist Vokey TVD (58 ̊), KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 shaftsI’ve bent the 54- and 58-degree a bit open to add more effective bounce. The “Rent is due, pay the man” stamping on my 58-degree is about being in control of your attitude and effort. The rent is due on both those things every single day.


Specs: Scotty Cameron by Titleist GSS Timeless, 33.25 inches, 4 ̊ loftI’ve tried a Cameron X5R mallet recently, but I’ve had this one for a long time. It’s similar to Tiger’s putter and has a single dot on top as a sightline. My wife and kids names are stamped on the toe. I waited to stamp anything with my family’s name on it until we were done having kids.

Old Reliable

I’ve played the Titleist Pro V1x for so long that I can’t remember when I didn’t use it. I mark it with a single yellow line. It helps with alignment, and I prefer the lighter color.

Title Town

I was born in Worcester, Mass., so I’ve always been a big fan of the Patriots and Red Sox and have the Sox logo on my yardage book. It’s been fun watching them have so much success in recent years.

Tennessee Proud

This ball marker features the Tennessee Tri-Stars on one side. The stars represent the three landforms in Tennessee. Mountains in the east, high- lands in the middle, and lowlands in the west.

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