27 Things That Happen At Every Golf Tournament


27 Things That Happen At Every Golf Tournament

May 21, 2014

Someone implodes right from the start.

Every tournament is unique, but don't fool yourself: some things never change.

Someone plays well to start . . . then implodes.

Tournament organizers lament Tiger not being in the field, but say they like his chances of playing next year.

Local junior golfer playing on amateur exemption gets front page treatment Thursday but misses cut on Friday.

Some guy you've never heard of takes the early lead on Thursday.

Someone has a key session with his instructor on the eve of the tournament and cites that as a difference.

Somebody calls it his favorite course of the year.

Someone puts a new driver/putter in play and cites that as a difference.

Someone gets back to basics and plays well.

Someone benefits from a re-circulated putting tip that all come from Brad Faxon or Steve Stricker.

Someone has a hole-in-one.

Someone nearly maims a spectator with an errant drive.

Someone barely makes the cut then makes a run.

Broadcasters always say someone who doesn't really have a chance to win has a chance to win if they go low tomorrow.

The wind always picks up in the afternoon.

Broadcasters say a shot is almost impossible to get up and down right before the pro gets it up and down.

At one point on Sunday, 13 players are tied for the lead.

Someone is playing with a heavy heart after a death in the family/death of a pet/divorce.

Someone who grew up in town or went to college in town or had a long layover in town is declared a hometown favorite.

At one point bad weather is forecasted and tournament organizers are left to contemplate moving up the tee times. Or a Monday finish. Or reducing the tournament to 54 holes.

Someone has an obscure rules infraction.

Someone is put on the clock, TV announcers lament the problem of slow play, the round takes 5-plus hours and nothing gets done.

Someone has a disappointing finish but is intent on "learning from the positives" from the week.

Some young player emerges and an announcer declares, "This guy isn't going anywhere for awhile!"

Ryder Cup implications are mentioned during the final round.

The CEO of the tournament sponsor is "immensely proud" of all the work the tournament's volunteers do.

The camera always pans to someone's wife anxiously waiting on the 18th green.

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