Happy Birthday, JD

The best photos of John Daly being John Daly

In honor of his birthday, here are Golf Digest's favorite photos that encapsulate the awesomeness of John Daly:


Rebel without a cause

Rebel without a cause
I'm sure John Daly knows the rules. But he doesn't give a damn about them.

Long John meets Tall Yao

Long John meets Tall Yao
That Yao and Daly don't have a buddy-buddy cop show is our generation's greatest failure.

Daly and the Blowfish

Daly and the Blowfish
Hey, Daly's hanging out with Hootie and the Blowfish! What could go wrong?

Daly and the Blowfish, Part 2

In a related note, the band went on hiatus shortly after this photo was taken.

Party in the front...

Only Andre Agassi, Kenny Powers and (insert any Canadian hockey player from the '80s here) owned better mullets than JD.

"Long Kielbasa" doesn't have the same ring

I think this was a promotional shoot, but judging by the drink in his hand and ease with the tongs, pretty sure Daly turned this into a real BBQ.
I know Dubai is miles in the distance...but I truly believe Daly was trying to clear those skyscrapers.
All this photo is missing is a majestic eagle and fireworks.
For once, Daly is not the longest hitter, or worst singer, in the group.
Not sure if this is the restaurant's entire staff, or just the waitresses assigned to Daly's table.
The photo was taken the day after Daly won the 1995 Open Championship. Guessing he's on the beach to wash out all the spirits that were in the claret jug from the night before.
Daly has been known to loss his temper a time or too, like when he riffled his iron into Lake Michigan at the 2015 PGA Championship.
You're damn right this is my new desktop background.
I'm convinced this photo made wearing baseball hats backwards cool.
Critics will say this ensemble was a marketing ploy. Personally, I think the dude just digs the show.
This...we're not sure what to make of this.

Our next vice president?

Seriously, given this year's election, it's not out of the question.
Frankly, it would be weird if a falcon wasn't perched on John Daly's arm.

The easiest game of "Where's Waldo?"

What can we say? The guy sticks out in a crowd.

So much for being parallel

My back just gave out looking at this photo.
John Daly's face says, "Hell yeah! I'm playing with Jack freaking Nicklaus!" Jack's face says, "Somebody, please help."
Nice place, right? Especially once you realize that's Daly's motorhome.

Wardrobe malfunction

It's rare for someone to be, ahem, more colorful in their clothing than Daly.
Never has one looked so solemn after winning a major.
We are going on a limb and saying gastrointestinal factors were at play.

An American symbol

Just like the U.S., Daly started as an underdog. Like the U.S., Daly occasionally finds himself in trouble. And like the U.S., Daly continues to persevere.
What good is a trophy if you can't drink from it, anyway?

Better than a ribbon cutting

Amazed more stores don't open with a golf-ball-through-glass-door ceremony.

Grip It and Rip It

Hope you're sitting down: Daly did not take the safe route.

A man of the people

Truer words have never been written.