The 18 golf-related Twitter accounts you should be following


The 18 golf-related Twitter accounts you should be following

September 11, 2015

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Norm MacDonald - @normmacdonald

The comedian and former Weekend Update host is an ardent follower of golf, so much so that his play-by-play Tweets have started trouble with the PGA Tour and Rick Reilly. While he'll clog up your feed, there's something idiotically brilliant about MacDonald's insipid commentary.

Photo By: NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

No Laying Up - @NoLayingUp

What To Expect: Irreverent humor mixed with golf analysis. Proponents of the #PrayForTedScott movement, a reference to Bubba Watson's short temper, which occasionally takes aim at his caddie Scott.

Dan Jenkins - @danjenkinsgd

Twitter has proven a perfect forum for the venerable writer's beautiful and blasphemous one-liners. If you love Jenkins -- which is like asking a baseball fan if they enjoy watching Mike Trout -- then his account is a must-follow.

Parody Peter Aliss - @TweeterAlliss

Combining the symphonic prose and sophomoric charm of the BBC commentator. Noted for his disdain to all things Colin Montgomerie.

Eddie Pepperell - @EddiePepGolf

A quick glance at his account will have fans falling head-over-heels for the European Tour player. Pepperell, who had an impressive showing at St. Andrews this summer, is a cerebral mind with interests outside of the sport. But, perhaps more importantly, Pep illustrates a top-notch humor ("Think Stenson's got that autumnal feeling again where he texts his bank manager and says, 'check this **** out'.") while taking a self-deprecating slam on his own game.

Michelle Wie - @theMichelleWie

Usually we're not advocates for those that use "the" in their Twitter handle, but we'll give Wie a pass. While some in her place would take a more PR approach to the platform, Wie is not afraid to bust the chops of fellow golfers. Additionally, she's shown no qualms to making herself the butt of a joke.

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Shooter McGavin - @ShooterMcGavin

This parody account of the villain from Happy Gilmore has introduced the golf film to a new generation. Although the account can be redundant -- after all, there's only so many lines one can quote from a 90-minute movie -- Shooter's black-and-white perspective on golf and sports, as well as his love affair with Aaron Rodgers, can't help but bring a smile to your face.

Christina Kim - @TheChristinaKim

Warning: the LPGA star Tweets. Like, A LOT. But she gives an entertaining insight into life on tour, has no problem speaking out on hot-button topics and is a genuinely funny voice in a conservative sport.

Jason Sobel - @JasonSobelESPN

You know it has to be a good account if we're willing to link to a competitor. Sobel fits the bill, perfectly mixing his coverage of the sport with imaginative, jocular commentary. Following Sobel feels like you're having a conversation with your buddy, only if your buddy was 10 times funnier about golf.

Jason Dufner - @JasonDufner

Famous for his placid demeanor on the course, the Duf's account is anything but. His love of football is on full display, as is his comedic disdain for most things in life ("Dawson O'Leary and Lil Bow Wow... All grown up in CSI:Cyber. Not how I had predicted either's future self.") Dufner grabs bonus points for consistently taking time to congratulate his fellow tour players following victory.

Paul Regali - @ghostofhogan

A self-described assistant pro, Regali's remarks have the tone of "dad humor." Yet, just like the account's namesake, the @ghostofhogan gets better over time, as you gain appreciation for the dry, sometimes-corny jesting.

D.J. Piehowski - @DJPie

Piehowski works for the PGA Tour, and his account is a go-to for all things tour related. Even with these professional ties, @DJPie is not afraid to add some color to the proceedings. Piehowski is also good in directing fans to interesting golf content.

David Feherty - @Fehertwit

Feherty, the former CBS on-course reporter and host of the eponymous Golf Channel show, mostly uses his Twitter account for promotional purposes, but his eccentric and enlightening wit remain on display: "Staring at a dubious cheesesteak, delayed at Philadelphia Int. Airport, will pay for it later - the midnight growler."

Club Pro Guy - @ClubProGuy

Hide your kids, hide your wife, because 80 percent of Club Pro Guy's material is for mature audiences only. But in spite of its inappropriateness -- or maybe because of it -- Club Pro Guy's insider golf references are "laughing so hard at your phone strangers are looking at you with a raised eyebrow" funny. A higher compliment, there is not.

Shane Bacon - @shanebacon

Bacon, a writer for, is a good find for those looking for daily news and notes from the golf world. For shareable, buzz-worthy content, Bacon is on top of the game, and while many writers/commentators fall victim to exaggeration, Bacon is able to keep a level-headed perspective.

Adam Sarson - @Adam_Sarson

If you like wrestling and Simpsons references, Sarson is your guy. His posts, which are very vine/gif centric, play well with the younger crowd. But don't confuse youth for ignorance of the past, for Sarson knows his stuff.


The tour's official account provides analysis, play-by-play accounts and golf news. However, the main reason to follow @PGATour is its video stream. For those that can't watch weekend action, the tour uses this platform to show highlights from that day's play.

Golf Digest - @GolfDigest

That's right, a second shameless self-promotional plug! But if you need a funnel for all the content and media produced by Golf Digest, as well as news and scores updates from the sport, our Twitter account is where it's at.

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