13 Signs You Know The Masters Is Coming


13 Signs You Know The Masters Is Coming

February 18, 2015

Dry cleaners start seeing an uptick in seersucker.

Players know exactly who's ranked 50th in the world, and who's 51st.

Every halfway decent round is seen as "momentum for Augusta."

Augusta-area homeowners put the finishing touches on April vacations they'll take while renting out their homes.

Speculation runs rampant on what Bubba will serve at the Champions Dinner.

First-time invitees have already shown up so often they're on a first-name basis with the staff.

Rory McIlroy settles any lingering litigation so he can focus on his preparation for the Masters.

The Masters media guide lands with a thump at your doorstep.

You can now see the Masters on the same page of the PGA Tour schedule.

You start reflexively humming the Masters jingle in the shower.

You start devising excuses for sick days during the first full week of April.

People start using "hello friends" both sarcastically and as an actual greeting.

Demand for pimentos skyrocket.

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