PGA Tour Wives Golf Classic


PGA Tour Wives Golf Classic

May 07, 2013

Webb and Dowd Simpson

EXCLUSIVE IMAGES: Tour pros caddied for their wives during the PGA Tour Wives Golf Classic, held on Dye's Valley Course prior to the Players. The event was a fundraiser for the PGA Tour Wives Association, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Arron and Angie Oberholser

Troy and Shauna Matteson

Bryce and Kelly Molder

Peter and Jan Jacobsen

Pat Perez and Ashley Pendley

Ken and Michele Duke

Kris and Tami Blanks

Steve Wheatcroft and Sara Skevington

Kirk and Cathi Triplett

Jimmy and Erin Walker

Geoff and Juli Ogilvy

Sean and Jackie O'Hair

Billy and Brittany Horschel

Charl and Rosalind Schwartzel

Martin and Meagan Laird

Scott and Jen Stallings

Louis and Nel-Mare Oosthuizen

John and Heather Rollins

Chris and Tiffany Stroud

John and Jody Merrick

Daniel and Emily Summerhays

Jim and Tabitha Furyk

Tim and Holly Finchem

D.A. and Lori Points

Marc and Audrey Leishman

Mark and Amy Wilson

Brian and Kimberly Gay

Michael and Rachel Thompson

Justin and Kate Rose

Jonathan and Amanda Byrd

David and Chastity Mathis

Freddie and Erika Jacobson

Ben and Heather Crane

Jason and Ellie Day

Nick and Amber Watney

Michael Phelps and Win McMurry

Note: McMurry and Phelps are not a couple.

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