Fashion Hits & Misses


Fashion Hits & Misses

November 20, 2011

See how well the green works with the yellow caddie shirt. Now if we can only give Bob Verdi (front row, right) some help.

Well done: modern fit and look. Notice how all the players are revealing some white shirt under their sleeves, which would indicate that they were carefully fitted for these suits.

Yes, this really works. Shirts bold enough and love the quarter-zip vests!

I liked this lookBESTon the Americans. See how the belt virtually disappears. And take a second look at those shoes. This is the future of golf footwear. Also note, this is as close to a perfect trouser fit as you're ever going to see on Tiger Woods.

Smart color choice, perfect for the setting and for TV. It's clear that someone put a lot of thought into creating designs that are fresh and outside the norm.

Like the trim look, and I even like Furyk taking a risk with the brown shoes. Unfortunately, these do not work. If the shoes were all brown, that would be fine. But in this instance, the white stripes create a confusing and busy look.

Even the Internationals practice round wardrobe took some chances with an interesting design.

It's only a practice round, but love the fact that this design is unconventional. Now if only it looked less like a barcode.

Interesting shirts. Great in person, not so good on TV. Sadly, this was a recurring theme with the Americans.

Fluff's clothes do not do one of the game's great caddies any favors. They're way too big.

A well-dressed caddie wearing clothing thatfits.

The mark of a good sweater design is that it works well long sleeve or as a vest. In this case, it's bold, clean, and classic.

Once again, I am surprised no one tested these shirts to see if they would look OK on TV and in print. My reaction: pass the Dramamine, please.

More moire. Have we mentioned that these don't work on camera?

Neat graphic design. By contrast, it's apparent that the Greg Norman design team was acutely aware that this event would be on television, NOT radio. This is an excellent example of who can pull off a white belt. Ryo can. Ernie wisely decides otherwise.

Once again, the Internationals go with something other than a simple stripe, and it works.

Nice umbrella!

Is that Ernie Els or M.C. Hammer? You make the call. Another question: Did these trousers come with their own air pump?

Norman's shoes are pretty cool! His choices in footwear worked out better than his captain's picks.

Now we're talkin'. Sam Jackson/Tiger Woods. You pick'm. I think it's great to see that smile back on Tiger.

Two handsome guys wearing two different fits. Dustin Johnson's shirt is a size too big in the neck. Geoff Ogilvy's is perfect.

Memo to U.S. Team: Stop with the suits at closing ceremonies. If you're going to wear golf shoes or trainers, STAY in golf attire. The two looks do not mix. Ever.

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