Golf Style For Dummies


Golf Style For Dummies

May 28, 2012

Good Fit vs. Bad FitWhen not to let it all hang out. When wearing a golf shirt, your sleeves should be three-quarters of the way to your elbow. If you're trim and in good shape, they can be even higher than that. Regardless, if you can't see your elbow, you've gone too far.

Good Fit vs. Bad FitKeep it inside! When wearing a crewneck sweater over a sport shirt, keep the collar in for a trim, clean look.

Good Fit vs. Bad FitThe bottom of your trousers should kiss the top of your shoes.

Good Fit vs. Bad FitShorts should fall to just above your kneecaps. Be careful here. With shorts, too long is sloppy. Too short is obscene.

Good Fit vs. Bad FitIf you thought fit was important for regular golf apparel, it is paramount when it comes to outerwear and rainwear, which should be worn trim. Oversized clothing does not enable you to swing freely. If anything, it gets in the way.

Good Fit vs. Bad FitLike a good haircut, you don't want to notice your socks. They should come to your ankles, but never rise above them.

Match GameNever mind matching your belt to your shoes. Better to match it to your shirt to pull the whole look together.

Match GameWhen can pattern on pattern work? When the pattern isn't dominating both the shirt and the pants.

Match GameThe foundation of a golf wardrobe: a pair of khakis. They're simple, they're versatile. They go with everything. Every golfer should have one pair, if not several.

Match GamePick your spots. If you're going with bold-colored pants, go with a simple top.

Match GameThe opposite can be true as well. A bright shirt asks for a simpler bottom.

Match GameYour colors don't always have to be bright to make a statement. If you keep your colors in the same palette, you're able to create balance.

Match GameA little detail can go a long way. A bright-colored belt can add just the right amount of pop to bring a simple outfit to life.

What To AvoidWearing your shirt untucked might look cool on a night on the town. On the golf course, it just looks sloppy.

What To AvoidCargo shorts make for another sloppy look on the golf course. At many private clubs, they're not even allowed.

What To AvoidSimilarly, most golf clubs expect you to wear a shirt that has a collar. Don't risk otherwise.

What To AvoidThe baggy shirt is a thing of the past. Some people think wearing something that's a little too big will make them look smaller. Reality check: Clothes don't make you smaller. Diets do.

What To AvoidEven if you wear a collared shirt, remember how you wear it is just as important as what you wear. TONE IT DOWN.

What To AvoidDuring the course of a round, your pants drop lower on your waist. Don't start with your pants too long. Otherwise they'll bunch up by your ankles by the end of a round.

What To AvoidNo belt, no tee time. Belt loops are there for a reason. Please use them.

What To AvoidA contrasting belt only draws attention to your waistline. If your waistline is greater than 36 inches, this isn't doing you any favors.

What To AvoidHaving pattern on pattern can create a cluttered look. If you fear the look is too busy, it probably is.

What To AvoidThe year 1985 called. They want their pleats back. Pleats add unnecessary fabric, drawing attention to areas that probably don't need it.

Know Your Body TypeIf you're big, match your belt to your trousers. That way your waistline is no longer so obvious.

Know Your Body TypeMatching your belt to your shirt is another way to minimize contrast in your midsection.

Know Your Body TypeIt's OK to be big and wear stripes. Just don't complicate everything with too much contrast. The fewer the variables, the better.

Know Your Body TypeStrong contrast of dark top and light bottom works for the trim, but not for everyone.

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