The Best PGA Championship Merchandise


The Best PGA Championship Merchandise

August 12, 2015

The preppies are all in on tech gear

Ralph Lauren's team sticks to their preppy roots with no shortage of red, white and blue (including 2020 Ryder Cup gear, already!). But they've added more tech fabrics and, gulp, a day-glow option or two. But the real standout where shark patterned golf shorts from their RLX Golf line.

Scripted outfits right here, right now

Nike is all in on showing off (and selling) their scripted outfits for players. A long overdue option for the fans who want to dress like their heroes, except there is one problem: noting the scripted clothes for weekend days, particularly when one of your players has been prone to missing the weekend rounds.

Individualized PGA Championship logo, Kohler style

Under Armor's gray tech shirt stood out not because of the slate styling, but the emphasis on the Herb Kohler portion of this year's logo. The Kohler logo can also be found on t-shirts, posters, hats and other fun stuff. The winner though is the PGA for finally abandoning the stock logo in favor of a new logo individualized with each course's branding.

Workout gear is in

Not only is this a perk for fans watching their spending, but good workout clothes with tournament logos just seems more fitting. Under Armor wheeled out some of the more vibrant colors and designs for women and boys. The women's t-shirts range from $35-$65 and the youth tech shirts come in at $25 and come with Under Armor's signature trim fitting cuts.

Sheep For The Little Ones

Actually, any adult that loves our furry friends -- Herb Kohler being their biggest fan -- should take home a $14 PGA logoed stuffed sheep.

The Packers are big here!

There's plenty of green and yellow ... excuse me, Dark Green (PMS 5535-C) and Gold (PMS 1235-C). Hats, visors, bucket caps with draw strings and even headcovers. New Era's Zubaz cap seems best suited for a Lambeau Field game, especially for $25.

Wisconsin and the Brewers too

The '47 brand's women's t-shirts lets women remember this PGA but also wear their shirt with pride to a Wisconsin football gathering or Brewers baseball game. $32.

Mancave items galore

Overheard husband-to-wife conversation while looking at the Signs by the Sea's collection of weathered signage and drink caddies: "Honey, this would look great on the basement wall." That was met with silence. Sounds like a man cave in progress. Good luck buddy! If I could, I'd buy you the $45 signs commemorating the 7th and 17th holes along with a "Quiet Please" sign for good laughs.

The Best Poster Yet

Lee Wybranski is charged with coming up with original visions for the U.S. Open, Open Championship and PGA Championship. Last year's homage to bourbon bottle labels was a perfect fit for Valhalla, but he appears to have surpassed even his best work with 2015's incorporation of the Kohler logo into the clouds.

Cheesehead putter cover

Just $30 buys you a PGA logoed putter cover paying homage to the state's greatest export. Blade option included too, knives sold separately.

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