Jack's Rules


Jack's Rules

August 27, 2007

The 8 basics Nicklaus played by, and why they'll work for you

Jack Grout instructed Nicklaus to roll his left ankle on the backswing (left) and his right ankle on the through-swing, a key Jack used throughout his career. also note how Nicklaus supported the club with his hands under the shaft, not at the side. this prevents a closed clubface at the top and allows a free and complete release of the clubhead through impact.

Jack's Muscular Swing

Jack played left-eye dominant: In other words, he looked at the ball with his chin turned to his right. In Jack's muscular swing, he is in a highly dynamic position, with his body more behind the ball, which created a shallower approach at impact, resulting in a higher ball flight. This required a more lateral motion with his legs to get his body back to the ball at impact. Notice how Jack's head and body are farther behind the ball in his muscular swing than in his classic swing (see below).

Jack's Classic Swing

In his classic swing, Jack set up more on top of the ball, with his right leg angled inward. He said as he got older that his body was not able to make as strong a lateral move to the impact position. His chin is still slightly turned to his right, allowing him to make a bigger shoulder turn. Jack always wanted his chest and shoulders to react to the swinging of his arms and club during the transition. Note how he replanted his left heel toward the target, which kept his left hip from opening too soon.The lower body slides toward the target, and the hips start to spin open. The head stays back, tilting the spine away from the target and leaving the swing's low point well behind the ball. The result of this move will be a fat shot or thin contact on the upswing.

Flick Tip

Your weight distribution should be a reaction to how the club is designed to be swung. See how Jack is positioned to swing slightly up on the ball, because of the ball being teed. In both photos, Jack initiates the downswing with his left foot, knee, thigh and hip, in that order. His arms control his shoulders, which are never scrunched.Continue this article >

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