Here's how you can dress exactly like the #SB2K17 crew

Board shorts, fun tanks, hats turned backwards, sweet shades and the occasional pair of flip-flops. Those are your attire standards if you ever want to orchestrate an #SB2K17-like golf trip**. The crew at Bakers Bay clearly made style a priority in 2017, sporting unique patterns that screamed, “SPRING BREAK.” As it turns out, the majority of their pieces come from a Florida-based company called Duvin, which specializes in unique prints and pieces that emote a Southern Cali vibe. Scroll down to see where you can buy some of the exact items Rickie, Jordan, Justin and Smylie sported during their week in paradise.

**Since you'll probably never find a golf course that allows us mere mortals to wear tank tops and flip-flops, wearing fun board shorts with your traditional polo and golf shoes would go a long way in injecting some Spring Break-like flavor.

Duvin’s philosophy revolves around fun, and these cotton Colada tanks epitomize that ethos.
Yes, it’s possible to be too matchy-matchy, but not when you’re trying to be ridiculous. This “Canopy” combo is a riot. The short-sleeve button-down is made out of a lightweight synthetic-fiber fabric, making it super comfortable, and the pool shorts are made of stretchy polyester. This combo will absolutely make you feel like a cabana boy.
These polyester shorts sit a couple inches above the knee, which is shorter than most. That makes them perfect for evening out those golf tan lines…or for lounging by a pool with a cold beverage.
These shorts prove that you won’t find a collection of more fun prints than you will at Duvin. If you want to get really tropical, you could pair them with the Jungle button-down ($68).
Just another fun Duvin pattern. If you want to be ridiculous, pair it with the Yang shorts ($68).
You won't ever go wrong with a classic frame and a keyhole bridge.