Phone It In


Phone It In

April 11, 2012

Arnie Mania

Yes, I have a crush on the 1960s Arnold Palmer. (Who doesn't?!) The King remains one of the coolest guyswho have ever played golf. Period.

Tiger Love

I'm going to take a wild guess and say that Hunter Tucciois still a Tiger fan. I just have that inkling.

Iconic Hogan

John Mansour'sphoto of Ben Hogan -- it's actually Hy Peskin's famous shot -- from Hogan's win at Merion in 1950 is a commendable use of a classic.

Rickie Fever

Cool. Fresh. Hot. Those are just three words I'd use to describe Jessy's Rickie Fowler wallpaper.

Torrey Pines

Now THIS is a great way to instill serenity. Alex Myers'image of the par-3 third hole at Torrey Pines' South Courseis an instant breath of fresh air.

The Masters

It's "a tradition unlike any other," so why not bring the Masters everywhere you go? Tyler Dominodoes.

Girl Power

I get giddy when I see young girls play golf. So Jason Musser'sphoto of his daughter striping the ball off the tee makes my heart melt. Look at the impact position!


Golf courses are beautiful. All of them. But Maurice Poe's snapshotof Half Moon Bay (he was standing on the 17th tee box) is a better-than-average view.

Unfortunate Lies

Golf is pain. Golf is anguish. It's something Adam Williamsreminds himself of all the time, obviously.

Skantily Clad

I knew someone had to have a wallpaper like this. You can thank Chris Sowersfor the lovely image of Natalie Gulbis.

Vokey Jewels

I'm not sure if Hayden McKinnonis a fan of Vokey wedges or of Rory McIlroy. Either way, this is a sweet shot that reminds me that golf clubs are like jewelery.


The serenity in this image underscores why I love golf. Howard Riefssays it conjures memories of Sankaty Head. Great memories, I'm sure.

Augusta Beauty

The 13th at Augusta National is one of the world's most photographed holes. Isaac Castillo has decided to carry it aroundwherever he goes. Smart man.

A Global Sport

I'm not sure what the Dutch words say or what the funky image means, but I do know that Floris Gijsbers' wallpaperis mighty snazzy.

Two Is Better Than One

Adorable (matching!) twins + Graeme McDowell = Must-stare-at-all-day photo..

Cool Cats

This photo of Ben Hogan and Arnold Palmer does, as Sean points out, look like a scene out of Mad Men. The amount of swagger here is almost too much to handle. Almost.

Magnolia Lane

Brent Small carries around this image of Magnolia Lane. Is there a more beautiful site in golf? I. Think. Not.

Dawn Delight

Rich Williamsis wise. This image of Tiger, who was getting in some early-morning practice during Masters week, would inspire anyone to spend hours at the local short-game practice area.

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