Cashing In


Cashing In

January 02, 2014

The 11th annual Golf Digest 50 money list

Jim FurykSKINNY: Has been a cash machine for more than two decades. Always in hunt at majors, always on Ryder and Presidents Cup teams. Distinctive swing that makes him stand out.2013 RANK: 16 ON COURSE: $3,474,779 OFF COURSE: $5,250,000 TOTAL: $8,724,779

Dustin JohnsonSKINNY: Imagine what he would be worth if he reached his full potential. His power plus his power relationship with Paulina Gretzky make him a high-profile player.2013 RANK: 20 ON COURSE: $4,643,214 OFF COURSE: $4,500,000 TOTAL: $9,143,214

Jordan SpiethSKINNY:At age 20, makes the GD 50 in his first year on tour, cracking the top 20. It won't be his last appearance. Combines winning performance with winning personality.2013 RANK: NR ON COURSE: $4,669,820 OFF COURSE: $4,500,000 TOTAL: $9,169,820

Lee WestwoodSKINNY: Unless he wins his first major soon, the Englishman could be nearing the end of his big-money days. Among the leading active players in terms of number of deals.2013 RANK: 11 ON COURSE: $2,889,087 OFF COURSE: $6,500,000 TOTAL: $9,389,087

Graeme McDowellSKINNY: He will always be a former U.S. Open champion, and when you have a personality as winning as his that will always translate into dollars.2013 RANK: 17 ON COURSE: $4,515,205 OFF COURSE: $5,000,000 TOTAL: $9,515,205

Steve StrickerSKINNY: Played less and made more in 2013; not a bad formula. Could make more if he wanted to chase the buck. His motto seems to be: "Have putter, won't travel."2013 RANK: 34 ON COURSE: $6,590,532 OFF COURSE: $3,000,000 TOTAL: $9,590,532

Luke DonaldSKINNY: Has cashed in nicely for a guy without a major. Although based in U.S., taps into British market well. Always in the hunt, which means always on TV, which means always of value.2013 RANK: 9 ON COURSE: $2,926,655 OFF COURSE: $7,000,000 TOTAL: $9,926,655

Matt KucharSKINNY: A walking ATM. Picks up a nice check virtually every time he tees it up. And his smile, easy personality and sharp wit make him a great endorsement partner.2013 RANK: 25 ON COURSE: $7,053,225 OFF COURSE: $3,750,000 TOTAL: $10,803,225

Justin RoseSKINNY: His best years might still be ahead. Victory in the U.S. Open could lead to more majors. The touching way he honored his father at Merion only enhanced his value as a good guy.2013 RANK: 13 ON COURSE: $6,253,672 OFF COURSE: $5,500,000 TOTAL: $11,753,672

Sergio GarciaSKINNY: Perhaps no one has cashed in as well over his career without winning a major. Good looks, edgy personality and just enough wins to be valuable. Marketability survived "fried chicken" flap.2013 RANK: 12 ON COURSE: $3,411,237 OFF COURSE: $8,500,000 TOTAL: $11,911,237

Greg NormanSKINNY: That shark is one of the most widely recognized logos in golf. Clothing line does great, as does wine and architecture. His image has survived competitive retirement.2013 RANK: 8 ON COURSE: — OFF COURSE: $14,000,000 TOTAL: $14,000,000

Ernie ElsSKINNY: The Big Easy has learned from fellow South African Gary Player and expanded his markets by being the current king of globetrotting golf. Sells everything from wine to safaris.2013 RANK: 6 ON COURSE: $2,189,536 OFF COURSE: $12,500,000 TOTAL: $14,689,536

Adam ScottSKINNY: Nice guy, international star and now a major championship winner with his Masters victory. The green jacket means more green for the transplanted Aussie.2013 RANK: 19 ON COURSE: $8,048,068 OFF COURSE: $7,600,000 TOTAL: $15,648,068

Gary PlayerSKINNY: The guy who brought fitness to golf six decades ago remains one of the hardest working people in the game. Endorsements, architecture, public speaking, travel and more.2013 RANK: 10 ON COURSE: $9,625 OFF COURSE: $16,000,000 TOTAL: $16,009,625

Rory McIlroySKINNY: Had a sub-par year on the golf course, but that new eight-figure Nike deal helped ease the pain. His boy-next-door charm makes him a highly desirable business partner.2013 RANK: 5 ON COURSE: $2,608,789 OFF COURSE: $18,000,000 TOTAL: $20,608,789

Henrik StensonSKINNY: He flipped the old Mark McCormack 90/10 rule on its ear by earning most of his money on the course rather than off, thanks to sweeping both the FedEx Cup and the Race to Dubai.2013 RANK: NR ON COURSE: $18,594,670 OFF COURSE: $2,850,000 TOTAL: $21,444,670

Jack NicklausSKINNY: Architect and elder statesman, the Golden Bear's stature and marketability have only been enhanced by Tiger's so-far unsuccessful quest to pass him in major championships.2013 RANK: 4 ON COURSE: $9,625 OFF COURSE: $26,000,000 TOTAL: $26,009,625

Arnold PalmerSKINNY: Forty years after his last PGA Tour victory, The King had his most lucrative year ever, driven in large part by licensing deals in Asia. No one in golf has more licensing contracts.2013 RANK: 3 ON COURSE: — OFF COURSE: $40,000,000 TOTAL: $40,000,000

Phil MickelsonSKINNY: Winning a fifth major and getting three-quarters of the way to the career Grand Slam with his British Open win lifts Lefty to a new level. Will cash in for decades, like Palmer, Nicklaus, and Player.2013 RANK: 2 ON COURSE: $7,009,156 OFF COURSE: $45,000,000 TOTAL: $52,009,156

Tiger WoodsSKINNY: He's been the top gun all 11 years of the GD 50. Has to work harder for the money (more appearances and outings), but still one of the most marketable names in all of sports.2013 RANK: 1 ON COURSE: $12,091,508 OFF COURSE: $71,000,000 TOTAL: $83,091,508

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