Anna Rawson: Real Simple Tips


Anna Rawson: Real Simple Tips

December 28, 2009

Keep your head still

My best finishes on the LPGA Tour have come when I've played thinking about one thing: keeping my head steady. I know it moves laterally a bit, but trying to keep it in place helps me make a smooth swing -- and it gives me the best chance of hitting the ball flush. Think about it: If you make a wild swing, there's no way you're keeping your head still. With the driver, I set up with my head behind the ball and try to make sure it doesn't move ahead of it. If you look at the best players in the world, their head movement is so quiet.I really think this is crucial to hitting the narrowest fairways. Try it if you need more control off the tee.

Finish your follow-through

Over the years my accuracy with the irons has gotten better because I've learned to finish my follow-through. What does that mean? Well, anyone can make a bad swing and then pose the finish, but you can't fake a good follow-throughIf I commit to swinging through the ball and extending my club down the target line, the ball goes where I want it to go. I like to feel as if everything is moving toward the target. This helps me maintain my extension -- no wrist breakdown -- and leads to better consistency. So don't quit after impact. Finish that follow-through.

Keep your hands moving

I love to hit those low-flying pitch shots that hit the green and check up after a couple of bounces. They are so much fun to play, and it always gives the gallery a thrill.To execute this shot, I set up with my weight mostly on my front foot and the face of the wedge slightly open. But the real key -- for any pitch shot, actually -- is to accelerate through the ball. I know it's hard to convince yourself to make a firm swing for a short shot like a pitch, but if you keep your hands moving through the shot, you'll compress the ball and create backspin for quick stopping on the green.If you're having trouble accelerating, try making a compact backswing, which promotes acceleration on the downswing.

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