9 Golf Collectibles You've Almost Certainly Never Seen Before


9 Golf Collectibles You've Almost Certainly Never Seen Before

March 18, 2014

Bobby Jones Telegram, 1927Bobby Jones Telegram, 1927

Golf ball from WWIIThe range of items that prisoners of war made during confinement is incredible. This golf ball was fashioned by a prisoner from leather taken from his flight jacket.

McEwan Carved ClubProbably used as a trophy or prize, this McEwan playclub, made about 1820, was carved with special golf-themed decorations on its head.

Early Tee ShapesYou wouldn't think it, but the wooden golf tee has been around in several shapes and lengths over the years.

Walter Hagen Letter, 1924Walter Hagen Letter, 1924

Early Iron FacesThere was once a lot of variety available. Most of these extremely deep groove faces were outlawed in 1922.

Hell Bunker, St. Andrews, 1893The massive bunker on the par 5 14th hole at the Old Course was also hellish for this painter, George Aikman, who was also an avid golfer.

Arnold Palmer artworkPalmer was the subject of many caricatures. As his popularity and success grew, his fans were nicknamed "Arnie's Army" and Palmer took on the look of a general.

Golf Prize, 1873This jeweled-ball prize from Royal Blackheath Golf Club opens to reveal engraved tournament information and secret symbols of the Mason's Society.

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