Titleist Velocity

The lower the price point, the more likely it is the consumer is looking for a single specific performance attribute rather than a ball that works well on all parts of the course. For the Velocity player, that usually means a desire to hit it farther because, as we all know, it’s a lot cooler to say you pulled an 8-iron out of the bag from 140 than a 6-iron. To achieve that, the company switched to a higher compression and a 1.55-inch core to give the ball more speed. But as with most golf-ball designs, one change brings another—in this case an alteration to the cover formula to make sure the spin didn’t get too high off the long clubs. Why is that important? Too much spin at higher ball speeds negates the distance gains garnered from the revised core.

Performance: 4/5
Innovation: 4/5
Demand: 3/5

Feel Rating (Soft to Firm)

$30 | Titleist
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