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Ron Kaspriske

Ron Kaspriske is a senior editor at Golf Digest. He covers fitness, instruction, rules and travel.
Play Your Best | Swing Sequence
How Tiger Woods' driver swing keeps getting better with age

“Tiger is close to swinging at his very best,” top instructor David Leadbetter says.

Tiger's Progress
The small adjustment that could help Tiger Woods win another major

His swing is that close to being his best ever, says one Hall of Fame instructor

Mixing It Up
Seven golf gambling games your squad should be playing now

Because you can't play Nassaus forever

Birdie Boost
Three Exercises Good For Your Body And Your Golf Game

Outdo the meatheads with a smarter routine.

Flying Out of the Blocks
How Long-Driver Troy Mullins Rips Tee Shots

"Without speed, you can't send it."

Swing Sequence: Breaking Down Troy Mullins' Power

Drives so pure, it's hard to believe her swing is mostly self-taught

Swing Sequence
Hit It Like Hideki Matsuyama

What you can learn from Hideki Matsuyama's smooth swing.

Strategy For Doglegs

About to turn a corner? First, give that dogleg some thought

Adjust Your Backswing To Raise Your Trajectory

“Wider swings produce higher shots.”

Comeback Kid
Swing Sequence: Tiger Woods

If Tiger Woods is going to win again, the key might be what he's doing here

Does Tiger Still Have The Yips?

An analysis of his chipping.

Worth the Weight
How I lost 23 pounds in a year—downing burgers

Without golf, I would’ve been eating a lot more carrot sticks.

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