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Rick Smith

Lesson Tee
Fix Your Swing At Address

Rehearse a key move with the right waggle

Lesson tee
Don't Get Snagged In The Rough

Hinge your wrists early for better contact

Lesson tee
Start Your Swing At Impact

You'll hit solid shots more often

Lesson tee
Turn The Face Down For Bigger Drives

Stop trying to help the ball up

lesson tee
Face The Sky To Hit It High

Keep the clubface open to execute the lob shot

lesson tee
How to Get Down

Shift left and let it go

Lesson Tee
Easy Way To Fix A Hook

Keep turning to avoid a closed clubface

Lesson Tee
How To Control Your Power

Let your left 'lat' start the downswing

Lesson Tee
Make A Quick Stop

Shortening your follow-through will help you hit solid chips

Bonus Tip
Rick Smith: Trigger Your Touch

How to control distance with two fingers

Lesson Tee
How to use a belly putter

Without even switching

Lesson Tee
Play the Pros' Pitch

Focus on the clubface to keep low and make it stop

lesson tee
Push Off The Ground For Power

How to turn leverage into yards off the tee

lesson tee
Cast Away Poor Shots

Hold your wrists firm through impact

Take Your Time

Don't be in a rush to hit long putts

Improve Your Accuracy

This shaft drill will help you develop the elusive straight shot

How To Vary Bunker Distance

Focus on your finish to hit sand shots of various lengths and heights

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