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Nick Seitz

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Finish High To Hit It High

Sometimes up and over is your best bet. Here's how to do it

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How To Get More Tap-Ins

On long putts, focus on making solid contact

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Know Where To Miss

Not all par-saves are created equal

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When Rough Gets Tough

Hit down on a steeper angle to force the ball out

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Think One Shot Ahead

It's not only the recovery, but where it leaves you

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When 3-Wood Is Good

For accuracy and even distance

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My Key To Consistency

One thing I always come back to

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Fire Through The Ball

Your left side leads but your right side provides the power

Golf Instruction
Tom Watson: Always Check Your Grip

Is your grip too weak or too strong? Make it just right

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How To Play The High Lob

Addressing one of the hardest greenside shots in all of golf

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Don't Reach For The Ball

At address, let your arms hang freely

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Make A Decisive Stroke

Good putting requires complete conviction

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Don't Be In A Rush

Swing driver and wedges at the same tempo

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Why You Need To Stay Wide

Keep the club in line with your left arm

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How To Release With Power

Start with this throwing drill

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Swing Key: The Left Arm Stays Close

This simple move helped me win the U.S. Open at Pebble

Kansas City
My Town: Tom Watson's Kansas City

The legendary golfer can't hide his affinity for his long-time home

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To Set Up Right Get On Defense

An athletic, balanced stance will improve your swing

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