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Mike Stachura

Mike Stachura has been on the staff of Golf Digest since 1992, or before there was an Internet. His primary responsibilities center on equipment, golf technology and the business of golf. He also occasionally spends an inordinate amount of time researching a big-data prediction of the winner of each of the year’s major championships. It never comes close to coming true.
Industry News
Acushnet, Titleist and FootJoy parent, acquires performance ski/golf apparel brand KJUS

Titleist and FootJoy CEO David Maher says the company's purchase of KJUS "provides significant opportunities"

Special Report
Is this golf's magic potion?

The CBD industry is making big claims about what it might do to enhance your life (and your game)

Pros vs. Joes
U.S. Open 2019: We used real data to showcase the stark difference between how average and pro golfers play Pebble Beach

Using average-player stats from the venerable links, a recurring theme emerges: we're playing a different game

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