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Mike Stachura

Mike Stachura has been on the staff of Golf Digest since 1992, or before there was an Internet. His primary responsibilities center on equipment, golf technology and the business of golf. He also occasionally spends an inordinate amount of time researching a big-data prediction of the winner of each of the year’s major championships. It never comes close to coming true.
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Best Players Irons 2019: 12 sets of irons designed for the better player

Today’s players irons have changed greatly to where many have enough forgiveness features to rival game-improvement clubs

Golf Saved My Life
Valentino Dixon's golf drawings become center of attention at New York art show

Wrongly convicted of murder, Dixon had dozens of his pieces drawn while in prison at Attica on display in Lower Manhattan

Hot List 2019
2019 Super Game-Improvement Irons: Turn your mis-hits into acceptable shots

Acknowledging you need help does not make you any less of a golfer. These irons offer the kind of assistance many need

Hot List 2019
The best players-distance irons of 2019: 11 options to give you a power boost

Low handicappers rarely suffer a power outage, yet some can use a yardage boost. These irons provide that distance shot in the arm.

How to navigate the dozens and dozens of clubs to find the best irons for you

What to know about navigating the dozens and dozens of clubs to find the best irons for you

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