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Matthew Rudy

Matthew Rudy is Golf Digest’s senior instruction writer. He has co-written more than 20 golf books with teachers like Hank Haney, Dave Stockton and Stan Utley, but he still can’t get off the tee on the ninth hole at his home club.
How He Hit That
U.S. Open 2018: Shinnecock is going to force some short game creativity—and you can learn from it

Incorporate a modern version of the fringe putt into your greenside arsenal

How He Hit That
Preview Your Impact Position at Address Like Bryson DeChambeau

Fewer moving parts means more consistency

Golf Digest Schools
What was a practice day like with Tiger Woods at his peak? You'll get tired just reading about it

Thirteen-hour days were common in the Woods-Haney training camp

How He Hit That
Quit steering your driver to get more speed

Use baseball swings to train more "recklessness" like Aaron Wise

How He Hit That
Don't Be Afraid to Try a Different Putting Style

Copy Webb Simpson's willingness to experiment

How He Hit That
Masters 2018: Rory McIlroy's putter betrayed him at the worst time

Tension and a busted routine doomed Grand Slam chances

How He Hit That
Build a Better Platform for your Irons Like Rory McIlroy

Flush more shots with improved stability

How He Hit That
Masters 2018: Get control over your clubface like Patrick Reed

Learn to bruise the grass, not kill it

How He Hit That
Masters 2018: Tiger Woods' clubhead speed is coming from more efficiency, not more effort

Better energy transfer (and less fear of pain) have made the difference

Mind & Body
How Tiger Got His Game Back

By Matthew Rudy

How He Hit That
Stabilize your clubface like Justin Thomas

Control comes from your pivot, not your hands and arms

How He Hit That
Embrace your curves like Bubba Watson

Get out of your pattern by exaggerating the opposite miss

How He Hit That
Hit your driver way straighter like Ted Potter Jr.

Try this simple slow speed drill to hit more fairways

How He Hit That
Find This Swing Checkpoint to Bomb it Like Gary Woodland

Use your shadow as a guide to improving your swing path

How He Hit That
Get control over your wedges like Jason Day

Use a mirror to check for stability

How He Hit That
Jon Rahm's short swing is long on power

It's OK to have swing quirks if they match up

How He Hit That
Get Your Arms Higher For More Power

Leave the headcovers in the bag

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