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Jordan Spieth

Jordan Spieth has been a Golf Digest Playing Editor since 2014.
Tour Technique | Play Your Best
How to hit Jordan Spieth's favorite chip shot
Tour Technique
How To Salvage Your Swing

Jordan Spieth tells you how to get your swing back before it goes off the rails

3 Tips For Ripping Your Irons

Tear it off the turf

Cover story: Better Golf In 5 Moves
How To Get Your A-Game Back

If you can match these positions, you're on your way to making great swings

Play Your Best | Driving
Jordan Spieth: Try My 5 Driver Keys

Find out how to maximize your launch angle and carry distance

How I Roll
Jordan Spieth: Sharpen Your Putting With My Two Favorite Games

Sharpen your putting with Jordan Spieth's two favorite games.

Short Game Tips
Be The Boss Of Your Ball

Float it. Bump it. Check it. Hole it.

3 Keys To Red-Hot Scoring

How to dominate the par 4s