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Jim McLean

Jim McLean is a Golf Digest teaching professional.
Lesson Tee
Why Did I Skull Into A Water Hazard?

Tried to stretch a fairway wood, found trouble

Golf Instruction
2 Moves To Groove

Lexi Thompson, the LPGA's newest major champion, shows how to smash it

Lesson Tee
Why Did I Skull Into A Water Hazard?

With water long the bunker skull is instant death

lesson tee
Jim McLean: Face Up To Short Putts

The one thing you have to get right

lesson tee
How To Make A Chip Run Or Stop

Keep your elbows firm or soft through impact

lesson tee
Why You Never Make This Putt

Fix these two mistakes, and start rolling them in

lesson tee
Chunk And Run It

On long bunker shots, take more sand

Golf World
'Right' Stuff

Letting his head move unhinged keys Adam Scott's excellence off the tee

Golf Instruction: Cover Story
Tiger's 5 New Lessons

What he's doing right—and how it can help your game

Lesson Tee
It's Your Year To Drive It Great

Our secrets for improving distance and accuracy

lesson tee
The Chip Without The Chunk

One setup adjustment for consistently solid shots

Lesson Tee
'Knuckles Down' For Great Irons

Bow your left wrist through impact to pinch iron shots off the turf

Lesson Tee
How To Get To Back Pins

Bag your wedge and play a little 9-iron runner

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