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J.D. Cuban

Make The Ones You Hate To Miss

How tour pros are so good on crucial six-footers.

Tee to green
Be A Better Lag Putter And Control Your Distance

Forget more speed, think more stroke

Tour Technique
Simplify Your Tee Shots

Get your swing on plane and feel the proper motion.

Bunker Basics
How to hit a high & soft bunker shot like LPGA Tour winner Jenny Shin

Here's how Jenny Shin's leading the LPGA Tour in sand saves

Golf Digest Schools
A Secret To Great Putting

Flip the triangle: It's the secret to great putting

Improve Your Feel
A Hands-on Approach to Pitching

“The hands should be passive? Then why do they call it touch?”

The Golf Swing In Two Moves

Power, accuracy, consistency—you name it—starts right here

Butch Harmon: Best Tips For Driving
How to Hit Driver

Butch Harmon's greatest tips for getting off the tee.

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