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Guy Yocom

During his 30-year run as a Golf Digest senior writer, Guy Yocom has interviewed Ben Hogan, won $20 from Phil Mickelson and got a lesson from Moe Norman. Jealous friends are quick to add that he also played the wrong ball twice in the same tournament round.
"It's not you, it's me"
7 ways to break up with your golf partner

Want to mix things up? At least do it tactfully

Gift Of Understatement
The subtle ingredients of the best golf clubs

By Guy Yocom

The Greatest Masters
The 1986 Masters: A Father-Son Moment

Decades after an epic victory, Jack and Jackie Nicklaus put the '86 Masters on rewind

Golf's Greatest Wingmen
The 36 Greatest Caddies of All Time

Behind every successful golfer is a caddie with a steady presence. Here, the 36 greatest of all time

50 Best Teachers In America
Teaching Golf In The Digital Age: Martial Arts?

‘You have to get into the social spaces, be willing to take a punch in the nose sometimes.’

Gimme A Break
How Green-Reading Maps Are Changing The Way People Putt

Green maps gain popularity on tour, and the technology could help you sink a big putt on your course

Art vs. Science
If Ben Hogan met TrackMan ...

By Guy Yocom

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