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Eddie Guy

The Masters
Amen F&#k!n* Corner

A little solitude from spectators and microphones gives players a chance to vent frustrations with flair

The Fox & The Peacock

How a network that has never done golf worked with a new faction at the USGA to stun NBC and take the U.S. Open in a billion-dollar raid

The Masters
The More The Merrier?

The list of potential masters winners is growing longer

The Masters
Time To Unpave A Parking Lot And Put Up A Paradise

The beautiful land that sits unused 51 weeks a year should do double duty as The Children's Course of Augusta

Golf Equipment / New Looks
The Adjustment Bureau

Adjustable drivers can help you maximize your performance

Pack It On

Bigger muscles won't ruin your golf game

Online Survey
2012 Masters Survey

Would you wear a dress for a Masters ticket?

Online Survey
2012 Masters Survey

Would you wear a dress for a Masters ticket?

A New Role For Bill Clinton

The president steps in as a tournament host and offers his thoughts on the game he loves

All Hail The Queen

Twenty-seven years into her professional career, Britain's winningest female golfer -- 47-year-old Laura Davies -- still has little interest in practice. But cooking, shopping, gambling? Now we're talking

Guru Wars

Some candid talk about the short game and putting from Dave Stockton, Dave Pelz and Stan Utley

Daly vs. Daly

John Daly continues to battle his issues, and he's running out of time

The Pest

It's not just that Sergio Garcia beats the Americans. It's how he beats the Americans.

Reality Bites

As golf reality shows continue to gain popularity with the mindless among us, here's a list of TV productions the future might hold

Burned To A Crisp

If you play golf, there's a good chance you'll get skin cancer

Out With The Old

Editor's Letter