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Butch Harmon

Butch Harmon is a Golf Digest Teaching Professional and No. 1 on our list of America's Best Teachers. Harmon runs the Butch Harmon School of Golf, at Rio Secco, Henderson, Nev.
Timeless Driver Keys: Basics On Setting Up For Power And Accuracy

“The trick is to play the ball up but keep the shoulders square.”

Butch Harmon: Best Tips For Driving
How to Hit Driver

Butch Harmon's greatest tips for getting off the tee.

Play Your Best
Eliminate Three-Putts

Break the old rule on firm wrists

Pure Your Iron Shots
Butch Harmon: Hit Crisp Irons Like A Pro

3 musts at impact: forward, down and through

Fast Fix To Hit More Greens

Don't let a bad decision sabotage your shots

50 Best Teachers In America
Butch Harmon's Greatest Driving Lesson

The No. 1 teacher in our biennial ranking helps tour pros and weekend golfers alike become great drivers. You're next

Tee to Green by Butch Harmon
Two Skills For Great Putting

One for long putts, one inside five feet

Tee To Green by Butch Harmon
Slicers: Try to Hook It

Doing the opposite will fix that miss to the right

Play Your Best | Do This, Not That
Finding Your Rhythm With The Driver

The Driver Dilemma: To hit it longer, you swing harder, but ...

Play Your Best: Do This, Not That
Pitch It Better With Less Wrist Action
Play Your Best: Do This, Not That
Try This To Splash It Out And Land It Close

How to slide the club under the ball

Play Your Best: Golfer's Wish List
Pitch Perfect: Turn Missed Greens Into Pars
Golfer's Wish List by Butch Harmon
How To Hit A Hybrid Chip

An easy way to reach back pins

Play Your Best | Golfer's Wish List
Don't Mess Up Those Lucky Lies In The Rough

Swing quietly from the first cut

Golfer's Wish List
Rule No. 1 In The Sand

Get it right, and you'll hit perfect bunker shots

Play Your Best: Golfer's Wish List
How To Stop Slicing And Add Power

Think you're ready to rip it? Think again

Play Your Best: Golfer's Wish List
Make Downhill Putts Easier

Grip it lightly and swing in slow motion

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