The LoopJune 20, 2014

Why the crowd likes watching the LPGA

By Keely Levins

PINEHURST, N.C. -- The crowd for the U.S. Women's Open is a dedicated one. Many of them were here last week for the men's Open. You'd think that they'd be a little bit golfed out. But they're here, and they're loving it. So I had to ask them, What's your favorite thing about watching the LPGA? 

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*Here's what eight spectators told me:   

"The player's on the LPGA have great fundamentals. And they're more thoughtful. You can see them thinking out there." 

"They're attractive. Like, real attractive."

"Guys are just guys, going up there and trying to knock the cover off it. the women are more mechanical, they've got great rhythm. You can learn something out here." 

"Their timing -- I watch that. I can't learn a thing from guys like Dustin Johnson. It's fun to watch, but I can't learn from it. But out here, I can pick something up." 

"They keep their nerves in check around the green." 

"They're beautiful." 

"They hit it dead straight. We've seen some good golf out here." 

"My favorite thing is watching Lucy, because my dad says she's better than him." 

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