Tiger WoodsSeptember 6, 2010

Chin up for good posture

Look like an athlete ready for action
  1. By properly bending from the waist, I start fairly tall at address.

    I was taught early on the connection between an athletic posture and a consistent golf swing. That means bending from the waist, arms hanging naturally, slight knee flex and chin away from my chest. Many amateurs bury the chin in the chest during setup, which restricts the shoulder turn and weight transfer.

    If you have that problem, picturing some familiar athletes might help. Visualize a skill-position football player -- quarterback, running back or receiver. They always keep the head up, ready to make a play. Similarly, a hurdler would have a tough time clearing a hurdle if the chin were tucked between the shoulders.


  1. By properly bending from the waist, I start fairly tall at address (see top photo)

  2. My left shoulder easily clears under my chin, and my weight has moved into my right side at the top of my backswing.

  3. My right heel is just starting to rise as I fire my right side through the shot -- a sign that I've maintained my posture.

  4. Focusing on good posture allows me to finish with both back pockets fully in view from this perspective. I'm in perfect balance.

    Tiger Woods writes instruction articles only for Golf Digest.