TravelMay 13, 2014

Places We Like: Midfield Cafe in Nashua, NH

By Matthew Rudy

The long national nightmare that was winter is finally cracking in the Northeast, and grass is finally growing -- even if it is a full month behind according to the greenskeepers. A trip to New Hampshire can now officially include something more than circling the parking lot at the outlet mall until somebody leaves a parking space close enough to the store that you won't freeze to death on the run inside. 

Nashua, NH is only 45 miles from Boston, but it feels like a small town, right down to the little municipal airport tucked away near a subdivision in the northwestern part of town. The hangars there hold equal parts private Cessnas and muscle car collections, but the most traffic is generated by the old-school diner on the second floor of the control tower. 

[#twitter:] The decor is right out of 1985--naugahyde booths and linoleum, with airplane-themed clip art on the tabletops. The heavy stream of locals heading in for breakfast and lunch should be all the reassurance you need about the delicious and plentiful diner food. 

For less than $10, you can sit with your Midfield combo -- two eggs, thick cut bacon, french toast, hash browns and a tall coffee -- and watch the planes take off and land through the plate glass windows. 

After adding breakfast ballast, make the short 25-mile drive to Crotched Mountain Golf Club in Francestown, NH for 18 holes and a beer at the Toll Booth Tavern. You won't find many other places that can offer a four-star course, panoramic mountain views and a $49 green fee--cart included. Be sure to pick up a logo hat before you leave. Your friends will think you made the name up without any tangible proof. 

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