InstructionMarch 27, 2014

Making your first swings of the season? Step away from the driver

By Keely Levins

(Getty Images Photo) 

Once you've got your feet under you around the green, Larkin says to work a little further back from the green. "Move back to 15-20 yards and work on half swings. Take practice swings thumping the ground correctly in the middle of your stance each time before you hit the next shot." Shots like this are ideal for building rhythm. Larkin says that you should pay attention to your grip pressure and make sure you're not getting fast or handsy. Larkin believes that these wedge shots will ultimately show you if your swing is on plane or not. "With these wedge shots, you will not achieve good controlled results if your swing is off plane, so it's a great place to start the season and test yourself to see how your swing is feeling and performing before you take it up to a full swing on the range." We all want to hit driver. But do yourself a favor and work your way up to it this season. Fix the kinks in your swing with more forgiving clubs like wedges, and those driver swings will feel better, and function better, in the long run.   

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