News & ToursApril 18, 2014

Lexi Thompson threw a really terrible first pitch at a Miami Marlins game

By Luke Kerr-Dineen

Lexi Thompson may be one the longer hitters on the LPGA Tour, but that skill doesn't seem to translate to the baseball mound.

Bestowed with the honor of throwing out the first pitch at the Miami Marlins game on Wednesday, the LPGA's newest major champ seemed excited in the build up.

[#twitter:] But it didn't go so well. Lexi threw the ball wide left and into the dirt, sending the mascot who was assigned to catch the ball running in a desperate attempt to save it. She even tweeted about her throw afterwards. Notice how the smiley face turned into a concerned face.

[#twitter:] That said, it's hard to imagine Lexi losing any sleep over it. She does have a nice, new major championship to cheer her up, after all.

Here's a clip of her talking about her throw on Golf Channel:

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