StyleMay 23, 2014

Fashion How To: Rock a pair of sneakers at your 9-to-5 job

By Alex Holmes

It's nearly summer time and the living is, in fact, a bit easier. The weather has turned the corner, spirits are higher and in most work-place environments (PGA Tour excluded) the dress code is a bit more relaxed. This combined with the rising sneaker trend in the menswear market makes for the perfect excuse to give your heavy cap-toes a rest and to try slipping on a sneaker with your suit or sport coat this casual Friday.


*Bradley Cooper shows off the sneaker/suit look in the January 2014 issue of GQ. Check out the complete slideshow from his cover shoot.


Here's how:

1.First thing's first - make sure you've got the right kicks. Keep it simple! Leave the air-bubble, shock absorbing, multi-colored trainers in your locker. Your suit sneaker should be a solid, low profile, slip on or lace up. Think more Chuck Taylor, less Air Jordan, got it? Most of the slip-ons we profiled here last month are great options to start with.

2.The trouser needs to be on the slimmer and shorter side. This is a good general rule of thumb for pants these days but, it's a must if you're trying to dress up a rubber sole. If you're still having a hard time getting on the flat-front train, email the link to this piece to your son and click-on. This look isn't for you.

3.This ain't the time for the tube sock. Yes, you're wearing a sneaker but, you're not going to the gym. Invest in some no-show socks, they'll keep your feet dry and smell free without complicating the look. The no-shows are almost always the best options when you're wearing shorts, too, no matter what shoes you've got on.

4.Finally, you'll need the right suit or dress trouser to really pull this look off. Wearing sneaks with your standard 12-month worsted wools will make you look like you left your loafers on the train, but a seasonal rig in cotton or linen will sync up your style. While buying a suit can be expensive it doesn't always have to be -- check out well-fitting, moderately priced tailoring options from J. Crew, Club Monaco, Suit Supply and Uniqlo before dropping major dough on a piece you'll wear only a few months outta the year.

This summer, start to bridge the gap between your week and week-end gear with some fresh footwear. Casual Friday will start to feel a bit more comfortable and will look a lot more stylish.