Best Young TeachersAugust 21, 2012

Set Up For Powerful Strikes

WHY AM I TILTING? My right hand grips every club lower than my left. This creates a leaning look.

If you study the best players' address and impact positions you'll see many similarities. With right-handers, their right side is usually lower than the left because their right hand always grips the club lower on the handle. Knowing this, you can rehearse a proper impact position when you address the ball.

Take a look at my setup. You'll see that my hand positions on the club produce a low-high relationship with other points on the body: My right shoulder is lower than my left, as is my right hip. Notice, too, that my stance looks like a backward-K.

This tilt is important because it encourages a shallower angle of attack and a swing path that comes from inside the target line. Those elements help maximize clubhead speed and promote ball-first contact.

Feel as if you're returning to this low-high relationship at impact, and you'll strike the ball with a lot more power.


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DARREN MAY teaches at The Bear's Club in Jupiter, Fla.