Editors' Choice: ApparelApril 19, 2016

Best Vest For Golf


It's fair to say PGA Tour pros are wearing more vests than ever. And average players should take notice. A proper-fitting vest allows you to have your full range of motion, crucial for golf. Worried about your arms getting wet? Don't be. Studies have shown that our arms can tolerate more moisture and lower temperatures than the rest of our body. So if the weather is on the mild side with the possibility of wind, cold or rain, a vest is a sensible choice. It's perfect for traveling, too, being easily packable, so it's a necessary item for a buddies trip. Plus, no matter the climate, there's a vest for the occasion.

Fairway & Greene has the biggest assortment of vests in golf. There are multiple styles and color options to meet any need. Playing in windy weather? Go for a vest with lining. In the South, you might want a lighter material. The company's polyester and spandex composition helps wicks moisture away and give you a quality fit. The Caves quarter-zip vest is available in eight colors, meaning you can pick a vest to wear off the course to various occasions. Just heed our advice: You might be used to loose vests, but you want a purposeful vest to make the best golf swing possible. Ultimately, depending on where you play, and what you're using the vest for, you might have a portfolio of vests. Think about what your needs are. It's likely that Fairway & Greene has you covered.

Fairway & Greene, Caves vest, $95
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