Editors' Choice: Gear & GadgetsApril 22, 2016

Best Training Aids For Golf


We picked the best training aids in three broad categories based on factors like originality, innovation, value and tour usage. The Impact Snap is a grip with a noise-making ball extending from the butt end. By making the ball clack in the right place and rest against your trailing forearm, you're training a good release. The Laser Putt does just what it says—it extends a beam along your putter path and target line. The IKKOS uses a combination of specialized video and music played through your smartphone to help you train a motion more efficiently.

Full-swing training aids are even more numerous than the shapes of all the amateur swings they're designed to improve. Plenty of the newest ones use technology as a selling point, but the best offer straightforward, technically sound advice you can feel—and almost don't require instructions.

Impact Snap uses a simple combination of sound and feel to promote the right movement of the hands and arms through the ball. You can immediately sense when you're performing the motion correctly.

That same intuitiveness is a prime feature in the Laser Putt, which drops a bright-green laser track on the ground for aiming help. All you have to do is attach the device on the shaft and turn it on.

On the mental side, the IKKOS system is part of a new wave of learning and emotional-response improvement aids designed with the help of neuroscientists. (FocusBand is another popular one.) IKKOS uses video of your best swings—or the swing of a player you're trying to copy—fed to you through blackout glasses with a smartphone and accompanied by soothing music. By following a specific pattern of slow-motion exercises copying what you see, you're essentially hacking the brain's learning process. You can tone down your slice with the same technology Charlie Houchin used to swim faster at the Olympics.

Full swing: Impact Snap, $89
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Putting: Laser Putt, $159
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Mental/visual: IKKOS, $42
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